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Corner of the Brother Markus' hermitage

After one of the greatest cloud storage has been closed due to a management decision, I have decided to build up my own Cloud Storage (Nextcloud) in my own competence. EremoSpace, comparable with Dropbox or Google Drive and an URL-shorter comparably with or came into existence.

“What has been born also will die.” Or : “Everything of this world will die, we only do not know when”. That it would end up in a tremor was to be foreseen ...

Logo eremoSpace

Not only the library of but a full cloud storage as well; including user accounts and administration.

Server location Switzerland, 1TB disk, secure data transfer
SSL (https). Open source: or on Github.

Logo URL-Shortener

The URL-Shortener. Make your long web-links short. To be used in conjunction with and eremoSpace (Help).

Server location Switzerland, ".li" stands for Liechtenstein, secure data transfer SSL (https). Open source.

My third tiny helper that I make available public as well. All three are open source. This is: the program code is freely accessible and also can be adapted.

My intention is to be regardless of manufacturer and service provider: 1st All three programmes are for free. 2nd I can transfer the programme and the data any time to another Hoster (or another server).

Logo Maayaa-Mail, trash mail

Maayaa-Mail is a disposable email system. It provides temporary and secure email addresses for signing up/registering without being blessed by spam (Help).


Custom email address e.g.

or random email address like

Server location Switzerland, secure data transfer SSL (https).
Open source.