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Corner of the Brother Markus' hermitage

After one of the greatest cloud storage has been closed due to a management decision, I have decided to build up my own Cloud Storage (Nextcloud) in my own competence. EremoSpace, comparable with Dropbox or CloudMe and an URL-shorter comparably with or came into existence.

"What has been born also will die." Or : "Everything of this world will die, we only do not know when". That it would end up in a tremor was to be foreseen ...

Logo eremoSpace

Not only the library of but a full cloud storage as well; including user accounts and administration.

Server location Switzerland, 1TB disk, secure data transfer
SSL (https). Open source: or on Github.

Logo URL-Shortener

The URL-Shortener. Make your long web-links short. To be used in conjunction with and eremoSpace (Help).

Server location Switzerland, ".li" stands for Liechtenstein, secure data transfer SSL (https). Open source.

My third tiny helper that I make available public as well. All three are open source. This is: the program code is freely accessible and also can be adapted.

My intention is to be regardless of manufacturer and service provider: 1st All three programmes are for free. 2nd I can transfer the programme and the data any time to another Hoster (or another server).

Logo Maayaa-Mail, trash mail

Maayaa-Mail is a disposable email system. It provides temporary and secure email addresses for signing up/registering without being blessed by spam (Help).


Custom email address e.g.

or random email address like

Server location Switzerland, secure data transfer SSL (https).
Open source.

Eremo – Einsiedelei des Einsiedlers Markus

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Wanderweg offen / Washing Out 2.0

Der Gebirgswanderweg zur Klause ist wieder offen. Die ersten Besucher war schon da. Nun werde ich auch vermehrt in der Stadt anzutreffen sein, wo ich anlässlich des Washing Outs, vermeintlich verpasstes nachhole.
Die nächste Grosse Mediation von 3 Jahren und 3 Monate beginnt voraussichtlich am 8. Dezember 2019.

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Five Swiss Franks Butterfly

Herzlichen Dank!
Thank you very much !
¡Muchas gracias!

Admin für den Eremo

Chorherr Daniel Salzgeber, Hospiz Simplon

Chorherr Daniel Salzgeber

(Ökonom des Hospizes Simplon und Generalökonom seines Ordens) übernimmt seit Juni 2016 die Administration. – Vergelt's Gott.

Five Swiss Franks Butterfly

Herzlichen Dank!
Thank you very much !
¡Muchas gracias!


Bruder Markus Wallis

Br. Markus
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