Hermit in the Swiss Alps
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«All religions of this world tell us how to pray to God and how to please God with ceremonies and offerings. Who tells us how to be quiet and listen to God?»

Brahmachari Markus

Hermit in the Swiss Alps

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OM. Mani stone like in Tibet
Washday. Fabrics on the line
Typical roof made of granite slabs
Bell at the entrance of the ashram

The Hermitage

in the Swiss Alps (Valais)

Living as a hermit monk, alone in a cabin in the high mountains of the Swiss Alps. Devoted on meditation. Focused on the Absolute, on Nirvana or Moksha.


Discover the spiritual background.


The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life must be defined in a way that it will support you and show a way out in possible life crises. In a critical life situation it may not be adapted but it is meant to give stability.

What does Truth Mean ?

Does the Truth exist ? In every TV-thriller all is about truth. The detective investigates the crime and does not give up until the bare truth is revealed. Sometimes with high effort!

Why not inquire into the thriller of life in the same way until the Truth is revealed ?

The Hermitage where Switzerland and Tibet meet

Eremo with cross
The Eremo, a former stable with barn in the Valais
Eremo with alp meadow
Here I live, summer and winter, in the high mountain.
Prayer flags and snow mountains
Tibetan prayer flags. View from the window.

Both, life as hermit and daily life with family and work can lead to the same goal.
«Keep your mind peaceful, do what has to be done and wish for God. That's all.»    Br. Markus

Newspaper and Television

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Zeitung Walliser Bote Printausgabe

Meditation im Ober-Wallis

WB, 15.9.2014, Philipp Mooser

WB, 11.5.2018, Manuela Pfaffen

Zurück unter Menschen

Einsamkeit – wenn keiner da ist

Nachtcafé, Südwestrundfunk, 7. Dezember 2018

Logo Swiss Television SF1

Einsamkeit, die unterschätzte Gefahr

SRF1, 13 September 2018

(By courtesy Karin Moser, NZZ Format.)

Der Einsiedler

DOK, SRF1, 15. November 2018, 50 mins.

(By courtesy Belinda Sallin, SRF1.)

Great Retreat in the Swiss Alps
Great Retreat in the Swiss Alps

«Whatever you do, at the same time somebody will praise you and somebody else will criticize you. This is not due to the person; this is how world functions.»        Br. Markus

Hermitage or Ashram in the Swiss Alps

Five Swiss Francs Butterfly

To live as a hermit not only means to break with social life, to renounce certain things and to give up profession to lead simple life.


True hermit's life is to break with ideas and old memories, to renounce likes and dislikes, to give up success and to lead the mind to simplicity.

What one renounces is the life of a frog in its well which knows the world as far as it can jump. While the drain of its well would lead it directly to the great ocean.

The Great Retreat

Physical and intellectual (mental) actions fill the day of most people. But a spiritual life is also needed; a focus on what cannot be experienced physically and intellectually.

The Daily prayer or the meditation are the basics of spiritual life with work and in the family. Jesus and Krishna, also Buddha have proclaimed that very clearly.

Following the example of the Tibetan monks and nuns, the Great Retreat is the most concentrated form of this focus. For three years and three months one lives in total reclusion.

Stones or Milk

What does one do when doing nothing? – Except just renewing the website.    ;-)

Men thinks constantly about what has been done, what he/she wants to do and what he/she doesn't want.


One likes and dislikes.

This makes to think.

And thinking makes to act.


If only the mind could keep quiet; then life would get quiet, too !

Dominus Providebit

“God will provide” as such the Latin translation of the Vulgate, Gen. 22,8

Trust in God has nothing to do with believe or hope, and never with blind trust. Trust bases on knowledge and experience. Both have to grow.

To trust God one needs a sufficiently clear understanding of God. This is, and ever was, differently taught by the representatives of the different religions. Here, a personal effort and a dissociation from existing structures is needed in order to understand the true qualities of God.

«Spiritual progress is not about becoming something, it is about giving up.»    Br. Markus