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The Illusion

What is illusion? And what is Reality? When you can distinguish between the two, you will look at the world differently.

A fata morgana, a mirage, is an illusion. In the beginning, you think it’s real. In time, it fades and disappears. Illusion is changeable. Everything that is limited in time and space, is an illusion.

All your imaginations are illusions because they will turn out differently in one way or other or may be, it will not happen at all. Memories are also illusions because what you remember does not take place any more.


It is said, what is not in the beginning and what is not in the end, is not in the middle either.

Brother Meinrad Eugster (1848 – 1945) a Benedictine monk in Switzerland used to say:


«Oh, just be patient. Everything passes, only eternity will not.»

 The Colour Orange – an Illusion


When we say an object is orange, actually we mean: the object reflects the orange part of the light. – But what is really the true colour of the object?


Our sense organs perceive only the reflection but not the reality.


So we take the reflection for real. And with that we miss what really is.

Why Orange Clothes?

Why is the robe of a Hindu monk orange? Some Buddhist monks also wear orange.

In 2007 at Zurich I did not get under the tram. The tram driver had seen me coming and so he was able to step on the breaks. Perhaps this is why orange.    ;-)

In India red is the colour for the 2nd caste, the warriors. The colour of the 3rd caste, the distributors (of products or services), is yellow. Monks wear the mixture (or the combination) of red and yellow. Monks wear the mixture (or the combination) of red and yellow.

When you see somebody in orange along the street, then you know where the knowledge is. You may get it from him. You may always put your questions to somebody in orange. Talk to him!