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The True Self

Do You Know how to Count Correctly?

You have got a body* and a mind. Now, deal with them!


Count correctly! These are three authorities :

body, mind and YOU.


Who are YOU ?


You are the underlying Absolute Principle – the True Self.



* a gross and many subtle bodies

Scenic image “Vaya con Dios”
Scenic image “Vaya con Dios”

An impressive film!

For a german version see dowload-area.

Ten Monks

In India a little story about 10 young monks is told. They had to cross a river on their way to the next town. On arrival at the other side of the river, the oldest counted whether everyone was still there. But he only counted nine monks. So another had to count; but he also saw and counted only nine. Even the youngest couldn't change the situation; he also saw and counted only nine. So grief overwhelmed them because they believed they had lost one of their comrades in the floods of the river.

A Guru came along seeing the young monks in great grief. He asked for the matter. They told him that they had been ten and now after crossing the river only nine could be counted.

Now the Guru counted the young monks. He counted: “... eight, nine, ten. You have forgotten yourself!”, he told them.

This is what we have to do. We remember our True Self.

Stones or Milk

When your mind is too occupied, you cannot be aware of your Divine Self.


Throw the stones out of the milk can. If you can’t help filling it, at least fill it with tasty milk.


We empty the mind from all thoughts.  If we can not do so, at least we fill it with thoughts about God. Better than having rubbish in the head.

That’s what we do. We empty our mind.

Mind focusing

A Firm Mind

The mind is like a wild horse that wants to be tamed and trained. Top sportspersons know how important a steady focused mind is.

And what is the mind training?

To be mentally still. And to be aware. Aware of you divine essence.

It counts in daily life as well, e.g. while brushing the teeth!  smile

Mind training means to empty the can
Mind training means: to empty the can

(For years there have not been cows here anymore, only the milk can remains.)