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Jesus has said everything there is to say in the 4 Gospels. It needs no Hinduism nor Buddhism to get on. Those scriptures may be more detailed, this can help to better understand the 4 Gospels.


The Life – the Daily Life

Buddha preferred to follow the path of no action as an ascetic. But at the same time he recommended the path of action.


One may live as a Yogi or Monk respectively as Yogini or Nun, or one lives integrated in work and family.


For, both paths require the knowledge of the Truth of live :

  • What is illusion?
  • What is the Reality?

Illusion and Reality

Anything having a beginning and an end, while looking back to it, will only stay alive in our memory. It does not have a permanent reality and a permanent value. It is limited in time and space.

Real only is the Absolute, the Truth. The Truth is unchanging and may be experienced every time and everywhere and does not fade away by time.


  • The world with its objects and its experiences is illusion.
  • The silence behind the movements, the Absolute is Reality (or in religious words: God).

The Absolute

You have got a body and a mind. But who are you?


  • The Absolute is real, the world is illusion. You (within your True Self) are not different to the Absolute.

Permanent luck, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment can not be brought about by outer (wordly) events.

Permanence only comes from within, from the True Self.


The purpose of the texts and pictures of this website is only information. The information of this website do not serve as personal consultation or suggestion. This website is independent of any institution, organization, sect, teacher (Guru) or community and there is no mission.

No offers are mentioned. I only make offers due to personal requests.

May this website open you a door!


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Five Swiss Franks Butterfly

Herzlichen Dank!
Thank you very much !
¡Muchas gracias!

Five Franks Butterfly

Herzlichen Dank!
Thank you very much!
¡Muchas gracias!

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Chorherr Daniel Salzgeber, Hospiz Simplon

Chorherr Daniel Salzgeber

(Ökonom des Hospizes Simplon und Generalökonom seines Ordens) übernimmt seit Juni 2016 die Administration. – Vergelt's Gott.

Nächste Grosse Meditation 2025

Die nächste Grosse Meditation beginnt voraussichtlich im Dezember 2025.

Im scheinbaren Vordergrund steht bis dann das Verarbeiten und Ausleben von Erkenntnisse vergangener Zeiten. Im wahren Vordergrund steht aber mein Lebesziel: das Streben nach und das Vereinen mit dem Absoluten und Ewig-Währenden.


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