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Do We Live a Mere Dream?

What is the difference between a dream and real life? Remember what you have dreamed last night, or any dream you had once. Good.  Do you remember the world you have been in and the feelings you had? Good. All that can be remembered but not touched now, not seen now and cannot be felt now; so it must have been a dream. You agree, don’t you?

Do you remember your last holiday trip? Do you remember the location and the feelings you had there? Good. What did you agree on in the last paragraph? All that can be remembered but not touched now, not seen now, is a dream. – But didn’t you really experience it and didn’t you really touch this and that? And over all you have real photos as a proof!

You believe there must be a difference between a dream and a holiday trip. Well, in the very moment you have been in this or that location of your holiday trip it had some quality of reality. At the very moment you saw or felt something it appeared to you to be real.

Lagos Martiánez, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Lagos Martiánez, Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)

The dream world felt very real as well while you were dreaming and in no way were you aware of the fact that you were only dreaming. Therefore, it was a seeming reality at the moment of you dream. Now you are awake and you know the dream was a dream. It neither had nor has any aspects of reality.

Let us assume reality is only here and now and only while I can see and touch it. That would mean reality must be limited by time. When time goes by this “reality” goes by as well. A reality that changes and is limited by time, a reality that vanishes is not called “reality” but it is called illusion.

You can turn it around and around. You will never find a way to prove that your life is real. Even your photos from your holiday trip do not prove it. Those photos only exist for a limited time. – You know how quickly your computer or your mobile phone can “forget”.    ;-)

Even scientifically the existence of this world or the existence of matter and energy cannot be proved. Whatever you want to prove as existent, a measuring instrument or even a complicated machine driven by computers are needed. But those instruments are themselves made of matter. So, proving the existence of matter by means of matter does not make sense. (And when you can touch it with your hands, it is matter that touches matter. The same with your eyes.)

Snow mountains
Only for a short time. (View from the window.)
First snow in autumn
A nice covering. (In front of the stable.)
Rainbow in the mountains
The changing weather. (View from the door.)

Yes, there is a difference between the dream and the world: the world seams to be more intense and longer lasting.

We never can prove that the world and life are real – therefore it is an unreal life in an unreal world, it is an illusion; a so-called dream world and a dream life.

Consequences: We carry on with our lives  and carry on with our deeds. At the same time we give a different value to the things and events of this world. Aware that there must be something unchangeable, something behind this world.


  • Being aware we are THAT.

Inspired by a book, a lady once asked me (it was at Candelaria on Tenerife Island): “Do you know what the biggest illusion is?”

And I replayed : “The biggest illusion is: we believe that illusion is reality and we are made believe that reality is illusion.”