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The Divine Virtues

To Live a Right Life

On the way to God one has to become spiritually competent. This is why, all Holy Scriptures of this world declare how one has to think, how to live and how to act in everyday life.

To be of good nature is fundamental. Wherever Jesus met people he talked to them in a loving way and instructed them how to live life. Lovingly means he was always focused on God, guiding the persons toward God. And sometimes a very clear word had to be spoken to bring a person into the right direction.

Krishna as well, in the Bhagavad Gita (the Holy Scripture of the Hindus) instructs a warrior, named Arguna, how to live life and to become a saint. In the 12th chapter, verses 13–20 he gives a list of 39 Divine Virtues one has to adopt for becoming God aware.

“The Divine Virtues”
by Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri

He explains every single virtue in a clearly and understandable way.

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39 Virtues According to the Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita chapter 12, verses 13–20

1   No hatred or ill-will towards any living being. Unconditional loving feeling.

2   The feeling of friendship. The saint is a friend to all.

3   Compassion towards the afflicted, the needy, the poor.

4   The feeling of “mineness” is not there.

5   Free of ego (“I am so and so”). Saints perform their functions with a functional ego.

6   The same in sorrow or joy.

 7   Ever-forgiving.

8   Ever-content.

9   Ever a yogi / yogini. In a state of mental equipoise.

10   Self controlled.

 11   Firmly resolved. Knowing without reasoning.

12   The mind and the intellect are established in the Divine.

13   From whom the world is not upset.

 14   Is not upset by the world.

15   Free from joy (exultation).

16   Free from envy.

17   Free from fear.

18   Lives without anxiety.

19   Not dependent on anybody or on anything.

20   Pure in heart. (Mentally pure. Pure thoughts and feelings.)

21   Capable, whatever he does.

 22   Detached.

23   Suffers no mental or emotional pain of the heart.

24   Does not initiate or do anything. (No projects.)

 25   Neither is elated nor hates.

26   Does not grieve.

27   Does not desire.

28   Has given up good and bad. Has given up the performance of good and bad actions.

29   Full of devotion to the Divine.

30   The same attitude towards friends and foe.

31   The same attitude with respect to honour and …

32   to dishonour.

33   In heat and cold of the same nature. (In joy and sorrow.)

34   Free of company.

35   Equal to praise and censure.

36   Non-talkative and very silent.

37   Happy with whatever comes their way.

38   Homeless.

39   Mentally firm. (Living with a sense of poise and inner stability in a changing universe.)