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The Truth

Does the Truth Exist?

Or is truth for each one of us something differen? Or does truth change depending on occurrences and time ?

When a witness testifies in court, he will always say exactly the same. The attribute of truth is its immutability, it is absolute. There is no personal truth.

If a witness changes his “truth” then one will not believe him.

So it is with our mind. Because our mind always wants something else, because it always thinks something else, we should not give credit to it. Truth does not change. Therefore, whatever our mind takes up and thinks, it is not the truth.

Mind and No Mind

«There is "mind" and there is also the state of "No-Mind". That is all that there is. The mind is that which keeps you in human bondage and it is the same mind which liberates you when it attains a state of No-Mind. That is all that there is to life and there is to know. There are only these two things to be discerned.»

Swami Yogeshwarananda

Seeing the Truth

Audio: 8 sec.

“Think about God alone. Dismiss every other thought of your mind. You will see God.”

Audio: 14 sec.

“Let the thought of God be alone in your mind. Destroy every other thought. You will see God before you. And all your problems are solved.”

J.G. Bennett, Interview with Shivapuri Baba.

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Shivapuri Baba (Sri Govindananda Bharati)
Sri Govindananda Bharati

Shivapuri Baba

1826-1963 (137 years)

The Truth cannot be discussed, it can only be explained.