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The most natural thing: Curiosity – the striving for knowledge.

Education and further education are central elements of any career.  Acquired knowledge cannot be taken away from you, it is an immaterial good of high value. But with one catch: it has to be renewed and completed constantly.

In addition, there are books and seminars about the secret knowledge, the knowledge about “higher worlds”. Some speak about the subtle worlds and about spiritual beings. (Yes, those worlds and beings exist.) But also this knowledge has to be renewed and completed constantly.


Why has it to be renewed and completed constantly?

Because it is the knowledge about the changing and transient world.

As opposed to that stands the Knowledge about your true being:

  • You always were.
  • You are.
  • You will always be.


More there is not to know! – That's all there is.


It is the only knowledge that never has changed and will never change.

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Feng Shui



the four Vedas

Quantum physics
Atlantis and Lemuria
Angels and Devas

Crystal therapy
Organic farming
Lunar calendar

Spiritual healing
White magic

To all those subjects there are every year new books, seminars and auxiliary trainings. It is the knowledge about this (gross and subtle) world. Who has completed the basic course successfully, may climb up to the next higher state. Eventually you will get the title as a Master and you will be authorized to teach on your own.

  • I am.


The Holy Scriptures explain: “Who am I?”

And they unfold the way to the realization.


Read the four gospels, read the sermon on the mount. More is not needed.

The Bible, the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddhist Scriptures all explain from different angles who you really are and how you can internalize it.


History of creation, apocalypse or brotherly love, it is all about you in the first place.


It is about your inner process to understand “I am”, and finally to become this knowledge.

And that's all. And that is enough.

I'd like to go deeper into it :

Moses at the burning thorn bush; «ehyeh asher ehyeh».

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Herzlichen Dank!
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Five Franks Butterfly

Herzlichen Dank!
Thank you very much!
¡Muchas gracias!

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Chorherr Daniel Salzgeber

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Nächste Grosse Meditation 2025

Die nächste Grosse Meditation beginnt voraussichtlich im Dezember 2025.

Im scheinbaren Vordergrund steht bis dann das Verarbeiten und Ausleben von Erkenntnisse vergangener Zeiten. Im wahren Vordergrund steht aber mein Lebesziel: das Streben nach und das Vereinen mit dem Absoluten und Ewig-Währenden.


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